Ruby Linked Data Service

This site acts as a playground for working with RDF.rb, a Ruby toolkit for working with the Semantic Web and Linked Data. RDF.rb is composed of a number of RubyGems, most implemented in pure Ruby, that implement various aspects of the Resource Description Framework, the language of the Semantic Web.

This includes Gems used to read and write different data formats, including Turtle, JSON HTML ( RDFa and microdata) and RDF/XML varieties, Gems used to store and retrieve RDF Graphs, and Gems used to query RDF Datasets. See Description of a Project Information for details.

The services implemented include an RDF Distiller, used to read and write different RDF representation formats, and a SPARQL endpoint, used to query arbitrary RDF Datasets (forthcoming).

For more information on RDF.rb, and for the particular versions of included gems, see the about page.

Support for SPARQL has been temporarily disabled. The platform utilizes the RDF.rb command-line interface, allowing for format-specific commands. This version supports JSON-LD, Microdata, CSVW, and Notation-3 specific commands for performing format-appropriate operations. Please file bugs on GitHub.